Medical Requirements

Each of you must provide a medical certificate that shows you have complied with tests required for marriage in your place of residence. Be advised that this certification is only valid for ten (10) days from the date of issuance. After ten days, you would have to get a new certificate in order to get married. Frequenty Asked Question: Do I need to see a physician who is a resident practitioner in Puerto Rico for the medical certification? Answer: No, as long as you meet the required medical tests for marriage where you reside, you don’t have to see a local physician. However, the certificate you provide is only valid for ten (10) days from issuance and must include the doctor’s license number.

Residency Requirements

There are no residency requirements in order to be married in Puerto Rico but non-residents must submit an affidavit or sworn statement that the sole purpose of their visit is to get married. Non-U.S. citizens must include in this affidavit that they will not be staying in Puerto Rico longer than established in the visa or federal entrance permit to US territory. If the affidavit is not written by a lawyer, it must be accompanied by the certificate of the County Clerk of the state to certify that she/he is qualified to notarize documents in your state and have the embossed seal. If it is issued in a foreign country, it must be accompanied by the Apostille seal.

Photo ID & Birth Certificate

There are no passports required for US citizens to travel to Puerto Rico, however the couple must have a valid photo ID, which can be a passport, state-issued ID, a visa, or green card. In order to record your official name, you must bring originals of both original birth certificates. The names will be documented per the way they appear on the certificates. If have legal change name provide evidence from courthouse, documents has to be sealed as a certified copy.

Internal Revenue Stamp

A Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Stamp for the sum of $150.00 must be purchased at the Demographic Registry office. This will be affixed to the license to authenticate the document.

Marriage Certificate

Generally, within ten days of the officiant having submitted all the documents required, your marriage certificate will be available. Below are several options to get your marriage certificate. Choose the one that is easiest for you. Write an authorization letter giving permission to an individual (our Wedding Coordinator) to pick up the marriage certificate and mail it to you. A copy of both of your photo IDs must accompany this letter. We have templates for this. Go online to to order a copy of your marriage certificate. Under Services, select Certificates then Marriage Certificate. Instructions are available in English and Spanish. Order your marriage certificate through

Other Documents

If you are divorced or widowed, an original of the corresponding official documents is necessary.


Celebrants or Officiant must be registered through and authorized by the Demographic Registry in order to officiate marriages in Puerto Rico.



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